Plans for a barbecue got killed by Melbourne’s wonderfully unpredictable weather. So instead, breakfast, two cups of coffee and a couple beers later, my day has thus far been spent on a couch at a cafe near me with wireless and cold brews served at a reasonable price. I’m just catching up on a couple pieces I missed during the week and I have to say, my favourite, favourite blog I discovered only recently is David Armano’s Logic + Emotion.

He writes with such incredible clarity of thought, it makes me just want to cease thinking altogether so the time I spend doing that can be utilised digesting more of what he is on about. Do yourself a favour and check it out if you don’t already.

Right, the power is running low on the laptop, which means it is time to unplug the computer and spend some time with my much neglected guitars, this bar has been playing nothing but Hendrix and it has, if I may be so bold, got my mojo working overtime.

Have a great weekend!