Being back home for Christmas is always a great opportunity to look over old family photos and souvenirs, marvelling at days gone by. I did notice though that all the photos consist of people smiling sweetly, or posed shots of the family sent back to Australia from Hong Kong for my grandparents.

The advent of the digital camera has obviously had a huge impact on news media and citizen journalism, but the vast majority of pictures being taken now are goofy shots with friends that are then posted to MySpace/Facebook/Flickr/etc. This got me thinking about the way we document our lives now; with the ability to record so much more, maybe the picture is no longer worth a thousand words.

A great shot can still transport us back to a particular time and place, but a dozen just like it tend to dull the sensation for me. The memories are almost too accessible, and while there is something to be gained from that, are we losing something at the same time? Just a thought…