I never seem to close Firefox properly and as a result some pages I looked at ages ago keep cropping up. One of those is a post from November 2005 – I know, how could anything in this day and age still be relevant two years on. The post is situated on a blog run by Evan Williams, founder of Obvious Corp who are responsible for a little site you may have heard of.

The post in question is titled “Ten Rules for Web Startups“, it’s something I go back to and re-read each time I find it loading up. Some of the insights are obvious, some less so, but they’re all worth touching back on from time to time, particularly for those of us actually in this space. Careful to appear more of a guru than he is, my favourite is the bonus 11th post:

“#11 (bonus!): Be Wary – Overgeneralized lists of business “rules” are not to be taken too literally. There are exceptions to everything.”

The previous 10 points are well worth your time. An added bonus is this more recent article on evaluating new product ideas. Equally worthwhile.