Last night I bought Seth Godin’s book Dip, and I finished it at lunchtime today. I’m a slow reader, but even then it really only takes two hours to get through and has some really good sound advice that can be applied to almost anything. I was inspired to buy it after I read a blog post (that I now can’t find) in which the writer said the book had changed his life.

Dip concerns itself with quitting, primarily knowing when to quit, and quitting without shame. Seth’s premise is that any activity will have an enjoyable start before a dip sets in, and the key to the dip is figuring out if you’re in a cul-de-sac (and therefore a dead end –> you should quit) or in the dip, which you should lean into (after a sober analysis of the resources required to get you through) and focus on the end result that took you there in the first place. You can find a far better summation at Seth’s own blog, or you can just go right ahead and buy it  (I recommend the latter).

I’d happily send you my own copy, but a friend is getting it whether he likes it or not via a breakfast meeting tomorrow morning.