I wrote recently about passion, how important I think it is to have it in your life and how it has guided my actions over the years. It’s something I place a great deal of emphasis on and  don’t think you can really over-state how important I feel it is to have something that gets you out of bed in the morning. So many people I know, regardless of age, have no idea what they want to do or what that thing is that fires them up all on its own; from my young cousins through to my parent’s friends, the question of “What d I want to do?” perplexes everyone, and I count myself as fortunate that it has always been crystal clear for me.

A start-up I came across recently that is hoping to answer that question is Path101. Simply put, it is hoping to utilise available technologies (thank you Web 2.0) to help people answer the question of what they want to do. Initially aimed at college students, the plan is to broaden the service as time goes on, and leverage the social web in order to help people make those choices. This centres around something they’re calling the “Résumé Genome Project“, an idea that you can look at the career paths of people who have similar histories to you and see how they got to where they are, hopefully discovering some opportunities you didn’t know were available to you. You can submit your résumé to help them build the database too!

Right now there is little more than a blog available, but they’re doing something I haven’t seen anyone else try, and with a good deal of heart to it. I can”t wait to see what they come up with.