A couple weeks back I had the pleasure of speaking at an off-site day for Hippo Jobs where I am currently earning a crust heading up their product development and online strategy. I’d been banging on so much about value recently that I thought I’d subject my co-workers to it.

Along the way I had an insight though; what we were referring to as “value” internally was actually a price point, and value was something intangible; it meant something different to every person you could meet. Value was in fact set by the end consumer and not by the producer! I don’t know about you but that completely flips my thinking on it. So along the way I diverged from my original thoughts and tried to explore that idea a little bit more – thank you to Tara who clued me into the “willingness to pay” idea.

I don’t think I quite nailed it (nor do I think my presentation makes a whole lot of sense without me talking), but I’m not done thinking about this. I could be overstating it, but I think drilling down deeper on this notion of value is worthwhile, and it’s going to consume my thinking regardless. You’re already along for the ride, so you may as well get involved. What’s something that’s been genuinely valuable to you irrespective of the price point?

*Complete aside* – first time using Slideshare. I like it for the most part, and though Arun (who works there) took me through a few of the decisions around functionality, I still think it should load faster! =] Cheers mate.