Charlie O’Donnell heads a start-up called Path 101 out of New York I’ve blogged about before. Path 101 exists to help people figure out what it is they really want to do with their careers which, given I worked at Hippo, was a subject near and dear to my heart.

His recent post “10 things you’re not supposed to say in the Echo Chamber” made me smile; it may enrich your life, it will most likely just give you two minutes of pleasure in between this and whatever the next thing you’re doing is. Given he is CEO of his own start-up, this one (a bonus at number 11) was a surprise:

3/4 of founding CEO’s should not be the CEO after the first 18 months of the life of the company. Unfortunately most of them have too much pride to step aside and focus on whatever it is they do best.

His blog, This is going to be BIG! is worth subscribing to.