Life savers on the Gold CoastI was back at my parent’s house on the Gold Coast, Queensland on the weekend, in town for a friend’s wedding. On these trips I tend to spend the entire time away from a screen (yes it is a good thing). It’s nice just being able to walk and think and not say much, at least nothing with any sort of agenda. I suppose that in itself is what a holiday is supposed to be about, activities without agenda, unless of course you can call relaxing an agenda.

Anyway, below are a collection of things that popped into my head while I was wandering around, having conversation with old friends, doing my best to do as little as possible. There were countless other thoughts, but they’re lost to the wind now…which is, actually quite alright.

  • Loyalty programs aren’t that at all, they’re blackmail. Not only that, they make the person who has only just started shopping feel left out. The first thing you do is alientate your new customer? Way to go. Hat tip to Zag for fueling that thought.
  • Sitting having dinner with my parents, there is an ease I don’t find anywhere else; the weight strung up in client-deadlines and record deals dissipates, and I’m just their son again.
  • When you care about something or someone to the point that it becomes the focus of your world, it alters both the way you see everything else, and the way everything else sees you
  • When I don’t have a guitar in my hands, or at least access to one, I feel like I may not be able to articulate my thoughts as well as I’d like (I have no idea yet as to how I might convey my thoughts around social media using a guitar, though opening with Smells Like Teen Spirit is definitely out of the question).
  • I like nice clothes. It’s also more important for me right now to spend money on getting my band out there and more recognised (I was also thinking this will never be reconciled or come to an easy conclusion, to quote Kanye, “I got a problem with spending before I get it, we’re all self-conscious I’m just the first to admit it“)
  • Doing beats talking. Every. Time.
  • That last point is something I still struggle with.

Image courtesy of El Fotopakismo, with thanks to CompFight.