This is a brief sojourn from an otherwise blog-free weekend. I have both The Age and The Australian here, plenty of coffee, but all the stuff I want to read is online. Umair Haque’s proposal for new forms of media, Mark Earl’s look at EMI and how the record business is just gambling, even the five months of Penny Arcade I have sitting in my reader. But I’m sick of staring at a screen, hunched over and negotiating with a format that doesn’t allow me to lie horizontal on a Saturday when I’ve sat upright and alert for 60 hours during the week.

Yes I know there are bigger problems in the world, but I’m talking about the wealth of information that is available and making it easier to consume, something that benefits everyone. That can be a better written article, but it can just as easily be a more manageable medium.

Image courtesy of aloshbennet, with thanks to compfight.