My name is David Gillespie. Obviously you have found my blog through no doubt nefarious means and are now curious about the miscreant behind it. I have a large background in design and project management thanks to many challenging years in game development, a great deal of experience working across some of the biggest brands on the planet (including Barbie – yes Barbie and Nickelodeon), worked for Tribal DDB (AdAge’s 2007 Agency Network of the Year) and consulted for various parties including the Australian Government, Faber Castell, Michelin and Boost Juice before joining Hippo Jobs, an Australian job board focussed on part-time and casual work for youth. While at Hippo my title was Digital Manager, which was basically code for “fire fighter”. Blazes out, I have recently joined ie, a strategy firm based in Melbourne Australia. In the oodles of spare time I have I also write a column for Marketing Magazine and contribute to their blog, so there’s lots of me to go around (that means no fighting).

I play a lot of music, but there’s the MySpace page which deals with that (I’m on iTunes too if you’d really like to show me some love). I started Wide Open Spaces as a dumping ground for the things I was thinking about late 2007, and it has grown rapidly since then. This is all about digital culture, marketing, and the conversations happening around it. There’s also a bit on technologies that facilitate that conversation, but, let’s be honest, I’m not a tech head. There are already plenty of people who are better at that than I will ever be.

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In the mean time, I hope you enjoy the site, I look forward to the conversations yet to come!

All the best,