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I’d been umming and ahhing about what to do with this URL and site for a bit as it was out-growing its location. A day off work on Friday turned into 24 hours of r&d, getting under the hood of WordPress a little bit more. When the dust had settled I had migrated all of the content over to a new URL where phase two of this sometimes mis-guided but generally alright social experiment will continue.

For those receiving this in a reader, this link will give you the new RSS feed, please re-subscribe, I promise to make it worthwhile. Also for those who’d prefer, you can now subscribe via email.

There are still a few kinks being ironed out in the CSS (look & feel) which will be taken care of over the next few days. For now though thanks for being with me over the past 7 or 8 months, where we go to from here is anyone’s guess. I hope to see you over at Creative Is Not A Department in the not too distant future.

All the best,


Image courtesy of pbo31, with thanks to compfight.

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